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Tailored Water Solutions for Every Sector

Kleinfelder Water Technologies takes pride in collaborating with a wide range of clients to help ensure their water treatment needs are met with precision and expertise. Water is a resource that is essential to many operations across the country. Whether it’s a corporation, an institution, or a municipality, our experts are prepared to deliver top-notch solutions. Our expertise lies in helping our clients meet their water needs on three important fronts: innovative technology, sustainable practices, and regulatory compliance.

Industrial/Private Projects

Commercial Projects

Industrial/Private Clients

Empowering Industrial Operations: Water Solutions for Manufacturers

At Kleinfelder Water Technologies, we understand that industrial processes demand reliable water solutions. Whether you’re a solar panel manufacturer, an automotive plant, or a food production facility, our expertise is geared toward supporting your unique requirements.

Our ultrapure water systems ensure consistent quality for your production lines. From semiconductor fabrication to pharmaceutical manufacturing, we deliver water that meets the highest standards.

If your processes generate wastewater, count on us to treat it effectively. Our physical/chemical treatment expertise, as well as bio augmentation, filtration, and ion exchange services, remove contaminants, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

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Commercial Clients

Water Solutions for Travel Center Chains: Reliable Potable Water and Wastewater Systems

At Kleinfelder Water Technologies, we recognize the unique challenges faced by travel center chains across North America. Whether you operate truck stops, rest areas, or travel plazas, efficient decentralized wastewater and potable water management is crucial. Here’s how we can support your needs:

Customized Wastewater Systems: We design decentralized wastewater treatment and collection systems tailored to your specific locations. Our experts consider factors such as water usage, space constraints, and remote accessibility. Whether situated in a bustling city or a remote area, we offer comprehensive solutions ranging from permitting to turnkey start up.

Customized Well Water Systems for Potable Use: We design well construction and treatment systems that meet local and state regulations. Our engineers and water experts perform site evaluation, groundwater analysis, and water usage studies to provide the right treatment equipment to produce clean/safe potable water that meets drinking water standards.

Compliance and Efficiency: We can provide ion exchange, reverse osmosis, bio augmentation, biological treatment, and filtration equipment to ensure compliance with environmental and water resource regulations. We optimize water/wastewater treatment processes, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. You can focus on serving travelers while we handle the water and wastewater needs of your facility.

Nationwide Service: Travel center chains often span multiple locations and geographic areas. Our operation and maintenance teams are licensed and are strategically positioned to provide service wherever you need it. From the busy highways to off-the-grid locations, we’re there to maintain your water and wastewater systems.

Emergency Response: Unexpected issues can arise, especially in remote places. Our rapid-response teams are equipped to handle emergencies promptly. Whether it’s a malfunction or a sudden surge in demand, count on us to keep your water and wastewater systems running smoothly.

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